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Tisza-tavi logó

en_flaghu_flagWatching the nature is an adventure in itself, which begins when visitors arrive to the area and see the Lake Tisza,the second largest lake in Hungary, offers various activities and is a great destination for relaxation,fresh air, and scenery.It is the biggest continuous water surface for anglers in Hungary with more than fifty species of fish.



Lake Tisza Ecocentre was designed to collect and show the rich flora and fauna of the Tisza valley and its lake,The four-storey, 2,600 sq metre visitor centre has permanent exhibitions, a 3D showroom and a huge freshwater aquarium with a capacity of over 735,000 litres. The natural-looking displays give visitors a truly memorable experience.







The Robin Adventure Island  is located on a 18 ha island in the flood plan. There are several games for kids and adults as well. the adventure searchers can find such games as the cableway – aloft and aboveground, as well – containing 140 obstacles.







Tiszafüred City Port 

is located at the bank of Holt-Tisza, where you can rent a rowing and motor boats, a kayak, or a canoe to look around on the lake.








Tiszavirág floodplain walk and nature trail can be reached by boat from the harbor Szabics. There are Bird-watching towers to watch rare birds and places to get acquainted with ancient crafts tricks in the beautiful surroundings. Professional driver is available.








Tiszafüred Thermal Spa  is thermal water with alkali-hydrogen-carbon, which is suitable for the treatment of acute locomotor, rheumatologic, disk diseases, neurological diseases with paralysis and atrophy effects as well as acute gynaecological diseases. In the present spa area there is a beech pool, a swimming pool, a covered thermal pool and the open air spa pool.








Tiszafüred beach

The water at the beache is shallow, warms up easily and is safe even for children. When night is closing in, life does not stop. Musical events, concerts, programmes are available for visitors.









The Great Plain (Hortobágy)

is the driest and thesunniest part of the country.This extensive grassy plain is famous for its horses, cattle, and of course the herders.Here you can still find the freedom to ride on endless trails, because large parts of the place are now under protection.

Main events are the Herdsmen’s Competition, the Equestrian Days, the Bridge Fair and the Grey Cattle Bull Autumn Fair.







Poroszló Ecotourism Trails  is designed to get close to the rich flora and fauna of the Lake. Natural beauty  can be thoroughly explored on various trails and ecopaths.









Meggyes Inn

This inn was founded in 1760 and stands as a museum today. All the interior decorations and furnishings resemble the original atmosphere of the old inns with tables and benches.

     5350 Tiszafüred Szabolcs út 3
    Tel./Mobil:+36(59)352-527 +36(30)621-5990